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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Author: Steve Pavis
Many encountered this phrase but don’t have any idea what it is, especially those who are only the typical surfers that are browsing the net to search for anything they want to know. So what is search engine optimization? Search Engine optimization in the most simple of definitions is the science of search as it relates to marketing in the web. This is how the site owner wants to place his site to search engines with a goal of being included in the top list.

Search Engine Optimization is not that easy. There a lot of false impression about search engine optimization. The most frequent misconception is that once the site is submitted to search engines, heavy traffic is on its way. Unfortunately, it’s not like that. You can gain the result in this kind of internet ad for about three to six months. Another is that when you submit your site in a search engine and for example you luckily entered the top spot, it will remain as it is. Search Engines always update the ranking of the sites depending on their value. Value means having quality and updated content that will be useful to the surfers. No search engines sustain a status quo. So once you submit your site, you have to keep it up to date and content wise as well.

Search Engine optimization is not only a science. It is an art that continues to evolve. To continually get traffic to your site you should keep high rate performance maintenance. And this will make you stay on the top list if you are in their in the first place.

Once you finished creating your sites, do not pass it on the search engines abruptly. Think like you are establishing a business, what is the first thing to be done to achieve in your chosen field? Plan your action.

Take some time to decide on the title tag. Think of words that you deem will be use by your prospects. For example, if your site consists of articles concerning handbags, then you should choose the title tag as “handbags”. However, it is advisable that you should give each page of your site different title tags. If the landing page of your site is entitled handbags and the next page is about designer bags, you should make a title tag for the page as “designer bags”. This strategy will give your site a higher ranking.

Another important element of search engine optimization is the keyword or keywords. It is good that you will have different set of keywords on each page of your site. This is for the reason that surfers usually use keywords to browse the net for what they are looking for. They do not want to go to a site and manually look for the things they want too know. If your site applies different keywords on each page it will be easier for the surfer to find what they are searching for.

Those listed above are only the basics. There are a lot of things you should do to achieve high performance ratings among search engines. The point is to understand the basics first. Once you have done that you can go on with choosing the write submission service and the right search engines to submit your site with. The golden rule is: UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE!!!!

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Written by Steve Pavis
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